What are the tiles made of?


The tiles are made of ABS plastic, which is known for its resistance to mechanical damage, high and low temperatures and its health safety. ABS plastic does not emit harmful substances and is therefore used, for example, in the manufacture of children's toys (Lego building sets), baby bottles, medical or kitchen utensils, which are subject to the strictest safety and quality controls. ABS plastic is BPA-free and fully recyclable, thus saving our environment.


How big is each tile and what is the total thickness (including mounting plate)?


Click'n Tile tiles are available in two variants. A 10x10 cm tile and the METRO tile which is the 13.3x6.6 cm tile. The thickness of the tile including mounting plate and adhesive is approx. 8.2 mm.


Can I combine 10×10 and the Metro tile?


YES, you can easily do that. In length, 3 pcs. METRO tiles corresponds for 4 pcs. 10×10 tiles, and in height, 6 pcs. METRO tiles corresponds also for 4 pcs. 10×10 tiles.


How much should I order?


Calculate your area. The small mounting plate is 0.54 m2 and the large one 1.08 m2. For every 1 m2, 100 pieces of 10×10 tiles or 120 pieces must be used. metro tiles and 0.5 l glue. In case you don't know, write to us and we will calculate it for you.


What do you do if you want to see a colour?


You have the option to buy the tiles as individual pieces and thus experience the colours you want in your own home. When you only buy tiles as a single piece, the transport price is greatly reduced.
In addition, each picture in our webshop has an NCS code. NCS code is the colour standard within the colour industry. If you type the code into you can see the colour in bigger perspective. But be careful because calibrating your screen can change how the colour is experienced.


How stable are the colours?


In our tests, we have not observed colour change over time, but theoretically it could happen. In addition, minimal colour variations may occur from production order to production order.


How are the tiles cut?


With a regular 10 cm cutting box. If you have to cut a lot of tiles, you can also use a jigsaw, circular saw or miter saw.


How long does it take to install?


The mounting plate is available in two variants 90×60 cm and 180×60 cm. It takes about 15-30 minutes to mount a mounting plate. How long it takes you to install the tiles is individual. If tiles are to be cut, this takes approx. 2 minutes per tile depending on whether you use a cutting box or a miter saw.


What if the wall is felted/plastered?


If the wall is felted or plastered, you must first prime the wall with a Plaster Primer. Plaster Primer ensures optimal adhesion and gives the surface a uniform absorbency.


Can the mounting plate be glued on top of regular tiles?


Yes, the mounting plate can be glued to glazed tiles, raw tiles, wood, profiled boards, painted, upholstered, felt and raw walls. The only thing you have to be sure of is that the substrate is load-bearing (not loosely fitting) and cleaned. The rougher/uneven the surface, the more glue you use. Remember that the result will not be better than the substrate.


Can I mount the back plate with double-sided tape?


You can do that, and the tape can be bought in our webshop. The "weak element" of double-sided tape is not the tape, but rather the surface of the wall. We therefore recommend when mounting on a painted wall that you also fasten the mounting plate firmly in the corners with a staple gun.


How to remove excess glue?


If you want to remove the mounting plate, the glue will most likely still be on the wall. The glue can be removed with a knife, after which the wall must be puttyed and painted.


What do I do if there is a socket on the wall?


You remove the socket and secure the wires, glue the mounting plate on top, and cut out the hole. The tiles are cut to size before the socket can be fitted again. A small trick is that you can screw the socket or the switch to the built-in or front box with switch screws. Otherwise we recommend that you watch our YouTube video tutorials. Please note that only an authorized electrician may remove/replace a socket and that the socket must sit outside the tiles.


Can I hang shelves or hooks on the Click'n Tile wall afterwards?


Yes, of course, you just have to remember to pre-drill a small hole in the tile and the mounting plate. The screw must stick to the back wall.


What do I do with joints?


Click'n Tile has no joints and is therefore easy to remove. If you look at the tiles from the side, you will be able to see that they sit close to the mounting plate, but also that there is a 1.2 mm crack at the top. To finish the tiles, it is possible to use end profiles, which can also be purchased from us. You can find instructions for fitting the end profiles in the youtube video tutorials on our website.


Where can Click'n Tile be used?


Click'n Tile can be used anywhere, as long as it is not in a wet room zone (e.g. in the shower niche), on the floor or outside.


How do I wash the tiles?


With ordinary universal cleaner, which you can also buy from us - Cleaner Click´n Tile. It is not recommended to use scouring agents, as it will polish the surface.


Can I wash the tiles in the dishwasher?


Yes, just make sure that the temperature is below 42 degrees.


Can the tiles withstand heat from hobs?


Yes, they can. If you have a gas hob, make sure there is a minimum of 3 cm from the edge of your hob and cooking utensils to the tiles.


What about lime?


If you use the tiles where there is lime, we recommend that you have a small sprayer where you mix lemon cleaner 1:10 with water. However, the mixing ratio depends on the cleaning agent. When you then want to clean the tiles, simply use the sprayer. In this way, the cleaning agent is allowed to work, while at the same time it is better for the environment.


What should I do if I still have questions?


We have made youtube video tutorials, where we go through the assembly process step by step. If you still have questions after this, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer them for you.






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