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Click´n Tile will change your perspective on tiles forever

In 2017, the Danish brand Click'n Tile presented an innovative tile assembly system that allows anyone and at any time not only to quickly and easily replace tiles, but also to reuse them again and again, all without the help of craftsmen, special skills, dust, noise and waste.


This is made possible by the mounting plate that is easily attached to the wall and you simply click the tiles onto it. You can remove or replace them just as easily.





Click'n Tile won the highest German Design Award GOLD 2021 in Germany in the category "Materials and Surfaces" for this product and system. This prestigious prize is awarded for innovation and sustainability in interior design.


Sustainability is at the heart of Click'n Tile's design. Made from eco-friendly materials, this revolutionary tiling system boasts a low carbon footprint throughout its entire lifecycle - from eco-friendly production to installation. In fact, the tiles are 4 to 10 times lighter than traditional tiles and emit less CO2 during production and transportation.


Click'n Tile offers you a variety of styles and colours just like traditional tiles. Whether you prefer fresh colours or neutral tones, large patterns or simple designs, you'll find all options in our range. With a large selection of attractive modern colours, there is no limit to your creativity.



Partnership and wholesale

The Click'n Tile tiling system is also a great choice for professionals and companies:


  • architects, designers, kitchen and bathroom studios, creative studios - for all those whose job is to create unique designs and projects for their clients
  • owners of restaurants, cafes, accommodations, shops and services - for creating representative corporate spaces
  • companies - for reception areas, offices, meeting rooms, visiting rooms
  • education and healthcare - schools, kindergartens, after-school facilities, facilities for the elderly, pharmacies, waiting rooms
  • real estate agencies - home staging
  • mobile homes, container houses, timber houses


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